the Little New York Kitchen ~ EstABLISHED 1980

There has never been a time when the kitchen didn’t offer more answers to life than the wisest oracle on the mount. We can solve it here, whether it’s adding more salt, or starting over.

I’m variously known as Elspeth, Kimberly, or Mom. You can find my professional life on LinkedIn, what catches my eye on Instagram, and my phone number, a leftover from the family tea room, all over the Internet. I spend much of my days as director of all things food at a new community center, because breaking bread and sharing it is the oldest form of bonding there is--it's not a commandment, but it should have been. And while I have friends in high places and low ones, they all put their pants on one leg at a time. Kindred spirits, you know where to find me. We'll talk a little treason, and share some recipes. That works for me.