Podunk at Pink Moose brings tea time into the 21st century. We're still making tea sandwiches, but some of the daintiness has been replaced by a hearty, healthy selection of meats and spreads. The menu changes along with the seasons, featuring the freshest ingredients we can source locally. Call 212.677.7722 for reservations or for any questions you may have about our menu or the special events we regularly host.

Tea by the Pot

Creamsicle | 6
orange and vanilla black tea

Hibiscus Green | 6
hand-rolled green tea and whole flower

Charred Rose| 6
lightly smoked black tea

Mint Cocoa Dreams | 6
chocolate and mint0-infused rooibos

Afternoon Nap | 6
lavender and mint herbal

Pink Moose Maple Cinnamon | 6
black tea, cinnamon bits, and a hint of maple