Once upon a time, there was a very small family. The mother worked long hours in publishing, the father worked long hours in academia, and they missed each other, and their lovely daughter, who was just nine years old. The daughter asked why they couldn't all work long hours together. 

Indeed. They started Podunk, and that was that, 15 years ago. They were graced by customers who understood the family behind Podunk, and who became family, too. When the father died, and the daughter went away to school, the mother decided to do something new.

Podunk is changing. We look at the photographs here and we think, "It will never be this beautiful again." Maybe we're wrong. So while we take a little more time to figure it out, just this: Thanks for all the love over the years. Your patience is astounding. You have been the best part of the Podunk legacy. We're so glad to know you. And we'll see you soon.