Afternoon Tea by reservation only! We aren't currently entertaining walk-ins. Please call 212.677.7722 for reservations or go to the reservation page, and thank you.

Once upon a time, there was a very small family. The mother worked long hours in publishing, the father worked long hours in academia, and they missed each other, and their lovely daughter, who was just nine years old. The daughter asked why they couldn't all work long hours together. 

Indeed. They started Podunk, and that was that, 15 years ago. They were graced by customers who understood the family behind Podunk, and who became family, too. When the father died, and the daughter went away to school, the mother decided to do something new: Start more Podunks.

Soon Podunk will be serving tea at Pink Moose, at 1070 First Avenue, just under the old Queensboro Bridge.We promise scones. Lots of warm scones. And there is another Podunk being built, but we're a bit mum about that just now. Please do stay tuned. And thanks for looking in!